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Craig Ventresco brings his feel-good honky-tonk ragtimey jug-bandy guitar music to a Woods Hole living room on Friday, November 29, the day after Thanksgiving. Music starts at 8:00 PM. Doors open at 7:30. Please bring $20 cash for the musician. 

Relatives, visitors and out-of-towners welcome but reservations are required. Make them by clicking the red "register" button above this text.

Reservation holders will be told of the venue location about 24h before the concert.

One reviewer says, "Craig renews songs taken from 78s and old cylinders recorded before any of us were born—old vaudeville tunes and popular songs: Eubie Blake and Scott Joplin are no strangers here and Blind Blake is an old, familiar friend. In other words, Tin Pan Alley at its best . . . Craig, whose casual virtuosity was honed on the street corners of San Francisco, takes up the most complicated guitar arrangements and swings them with rhythmic verve. Craig was the guitarist in the ragtime-revival trio “Bo Grumpus.”  And you may have heard him featured on the soundtracks for Terry Zwigoff’s films “Crumb” and “Ghost World.” 

Another reviewer says, "Craig Ventresco is the most authentic neo-ragtime/acoustic blues wrangler in the country . . . it’s the same kind of proselytizing fervor that fired Clapton and the original Rolling Stones.”

Want to see some video? Here are a few good ones: (check the guitar work at 1:00!).

Here's a video from one of Craig & Meredith's rare trips "back east," with Tamar Korn and Blind Boy Paxton:

If you still need more convincing, ask The Google. See you on November 29!


David Isenberg (email preferred)
508-548-5924 (if you need to talk)


A Woods Hole living room